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Founded in 2014, Imogene Bevan’s POP Beauty has earned an enviable reputation in the busy world of modern beauty.

With a focus on the overall salon experience, Imogene has crafted a service-based offering that is based on premium manicures, made accessible – personalised luxury escapes into the world of beauty.

Joined in 2018 by Serenity Fox, Imogene’s background in fashion and beauty has helped give her a sweeping view of her industry, while Serenity’s decades long career within nails and beauty therapy aids in providing insights that have carved out a unique path for the POP brand and its customers. 

Guests are treated to modern manicures delivered with personality and heightened attention to detail, performed by carefully considered, highly skilled industry professionals.

Nestled within the heart of the Ponsonby Road, Auckland, New Zealand, POP Beauty has teamed up with INCO Studio and is set for more growth, buoyed by a dedicated fan base and modest principles of delivering an attainable, contemporary and premium service.