Vetiver Bergamot Candle

Vetiver Bergamot Candle

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Hand made, hand poured botanical wax and all natural perfume.

Designers Ingrid Starnes and Simon Pound tracked down the last mould-maker from Crown Lynn, and worked with him to make a beautiful beaker with a floral relief, inspired by their perfume box print.

Based off a beaker they drink their coffee from at home, the idea was that the ceramic would have a second life as a vessel, and be collected and loved, perhaps sitting on sideboards and window sills fifty years from now.

The boxes are foiled by a fellow named Frank, who has made his retirement a mission to restore vintage presses.

The scent is earthy and smoky at first. As it burns, it’s fresh and intoxicating like the EDT.

There are four colours, sage, wash blue, alabaster and granite.